Audio Note UK

(All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

Whether at the Toronto Audiofest or the Montreal one, Audio Note UK always has a room set up that is simple to string together, not very expensive, and eminently musical. It was no different at this year’s Toronto show, where cellist extraordinaire and Audio Note UK rep Vincent Bélanger once again took up MC’ing duties to present a system comprised of the Audio Note K-LX speakers in Slate finish ($8995), a CDT one transport ($6195), and a 28Wpc, class-A, push-pull Cobra EL34 integrated amp (yum, right?). It had never occurred to me before, but now it all made perfect sense: The sound of this system wasn’t unlike that of a cello: rich, resonant, earthy, and heart-tuggingly human.

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what's the big hurry?

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There's no hurry. :-)

Thanks for the correction, michelesurdi.

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One has not lived until one has heard "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" on an Audionote UK system.

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This sort of system, can wow if close mic'd chamber music is all you play, or solo singers. Like in the pics behind. But it costs around $20,000!!! For that it should do everything. I've been down that path, it doesn't last.

Stick on something complicated/dynamic and full range at decent dB's on, and it all turns to (you know)

Cheers George

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Just trying to suss out price/expectation points.

At what total price should a system be expected to do everything?

I'm thinking 25K if one expects full range bass and will expect the system to perform for over a decade.

How would you break down your 20K expectation? How would you budget each part?