The Toronto Audiofest Gets Underway

What would it be like to attend an audio show?

It's a reasonable question coming at the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel tail-end (fingers crossed) of a worldwide pandemic.

I'm about to find out because I'm at the 2021 Toronto Audiofest, held at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel from October 22–24.

I don't know what to expect except that I already know it's going to be smaller than the prepandemic Toronto show I attended in 2019. Will it be different in other ways? Will it be awkward? Will people stay close to the walls to avoid close contact? Refuse to shake hands with old friends? Hold their breath in crowded elevators? (Although those safety protocols include a limit of two people per elevator.)

The organizers have said that they will refuse entry to visitors and exhibitors who are not fully vaxxed. (I am.) Protocols are in place to help ensure a safe environment. I'm sure there will be piles of masks (mandatory for walking around), and hand-sanitizer dispensers on every corner in every hallway. Visiting the Toronto Audiofest is surely safe—probably safer than going to the supermarket, the movies, or a sports event—any activity at which some of the people we share space are not vaccinated.

Still, even if it's safe, we could all be safer by staying at home and avoiding strangers (and friends) and large groups entirely. A lot of people have gotten used to being home alone, or just with family and close friends. It's likely to be a little bit weird.

But isn't that kind of the point? Didn't we get vaxxed so that we could start living normal-ish lives again? Truth is, I'm ready. And excited. I can't wait to go to an audio show again. I missed, missed, missed mingling with my audio tribe, listening to and seeing new gear, and writing show reports for Stereophile. I've missed all of it.

Won't you join me? I’m fully vaxxed and raring to go.

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Thanks for mentioning it - I had no idea this was on.

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[The first line of this comment points to a previous fake-news conspiracy comment, now deleted--Editor.]

^^^ Predictable this post brought out one of these.

Yeah, it's been like North Korea in Ontario ever since the mask rules and vaccine mandates. Only stale bread and old meat in the supermarkets, jack booted visitors at night forcing vaccines in to your arm. Horrendous.

I was going to meet up with a fellow vaccinated pal to discuss how awful the situation was, but we had trouble deciding where to meet - movie? restaurant? Bar? sports venue? etc.

So many options for where to grumble about our lack of freedom...


Well done for the Toronto show, and for anyone who gets out there and attends!

Looking forward to the show reports!

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Perhaps for context it would be forthcoming to tell us what the questionable content was that resulted in the comment deleted. There are a few assumptions made in the lead article that probably won’t age well. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the show.

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Anti-mask, anti-vax, you're all slaves, etc.

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The vax situation is odd to me. I respect the rights of others.

My wife and I are both vaccinated, and awaiting the Johnson booster. Since I am still doing some background acting here in ATL I have had over 100 covid tests and you must be vaccinated to work...on set is the safest place on the planet due to these protocols. Sometimes there are two tests before the day of shooting, and then a rapid test the day of.

I would feel bad if I was the reason I transmitted covid to someone else, so that is why we participate. I am afraid we are in this for a long, long run.

I hope the show is a great success for our friends in Toronto.

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It was a lot of fun.