The Motet/AltitudoAudio Room: Auris, Earmen, Triangle, Analog Acoustics

(All prices are in Canadian Funds unless otherwise indicated.)

My third room belonged to audio importer Motet and Winnipeg-based retailer AltitudoAudio. The gear in this room was more modestly priced than in previous rooms, but it delivered the musical goods.

At the heart of the system was an Auris Fortissimo integrated amplifier ($15,000). Source duties went to an Earmen DAC ($800) and streamer ($1500), a brand you may not have heard of because it won’t be sold to end-users for another month or so. But let me say this: from what I heard in this room, and in another room I’ll get to soon, Earmen is a brand to watch.

The system was centered, alternately, around the front-ported, floorstanding Triangle Megellan Cello speakers ($18,000) and the front-ported, standmount Triangle Signature Thetas. While the smaller standmounts did’t deliver the weight, warmth, or corporeality of the bigger Triangles, I was unprepared for the fully realized world they constructed, seemingly fully independent of the room. In conjunction with the gear upstream, these speakers also produced grain-free, fluid, and effortless sound. The system was wired with Analog Acoustics.

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The earman DAC looks intriguing.

I forgot how much I missed there being audio shows; even if I wasn't attending them.

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.., however, are Triangle Signature Thetas, front ported and in stated price range, so that I wonder wether things got confused here?
Internet research reveals, that said Elipson speakers are not front ported, so I’d believe your high praise goes to the Thetas, correct?

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Yes, those apparently are the Triangle Signature Thetas. I have made the correction.

Jim Austin, Editor

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Nice setup, great to this speaker brand get some exposure....we currently have the Triangle Signature Delta's in our system, very good value.