The Second Motet Room: PMC, Accuphase, Lumin, iFi, XLO, Modulus

(Prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated)

Okay, so what next?

BIG speakers, namely the 3-way PMC Fenestria ($90,000), which loomed tall in the second Motet room. Upstream components included an Accuphase A75 amplifier ($25,600), Accuphase C2850 preamplifier ($25,000), Lumin U1 streamer ($10,000), and—get this—an iFi Diablo DAC that retails for $1200!

Here was another room using a budget source to deliver music to an otherwise megabuck system. But the music coming from this system didn’t sound budget: It was lively, delicately rendered, and finely textured, which leads me to believe that these budget components—and here I'm referring not just to the iFi Diablo but also to the Earmen components I heard in other rooms as well as the $600 Audio-Technica EV33 phono cartridge in the Centre Hi-Fi room—must be outstanding values.

Back to this room: Stands and cables were by Modulum and XLO, respectively.

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We have yet to audition the fabulous PMC Fenestria's but look forward to receiving our first pair of IB2SE's next week...

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Having visited all the rooms at the show and listened to all the demonstrations, this room was far and away my choice for the best presentation I heard at the event.

I was able to enjoy the entirety of Telegraph Road by Dire Straits on this system. It was the only one I heard that recreated a sense of depth and excellent focus from the voice and instruments. Nothing smeared, nothing wandered and the dynamics were on point. The overall balance of the system was very realistic.

I may have missed other high-performance systems while they played less-than-ideal music selections. With that said, the objective is to bring your A-game at every opportunity. A huge tip of the hat to the Motet team and their presentation.

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This was a great sounding room.