The Simaudio Moon 40th Anniversary Limited Edition System

(Prices are in Canadian funds unless otherwise indicated.)

It's not often that I come across a piece of gear at an audio show that I pine to own. The Simaudio Moon 40th Anniversary Limited Edition system is in that category, but I'd better hurry: Production is limited to 40 systems.

The system comprises the 125Wpc Moon 600i v2 integrated amplifier and the Roon-ready 680D DAC. The package, including cabling, "starts at" $38,000, the price depending on—what? Finish? Cable choices? I'm not sure. Each unit’s side and front panels are finished in a "deluxe rose red color," and the top plate in a "millesime red." Absolutely gorgeous. The 600i v2 was feeding a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 60 speakers ($57,500; see Kal Rubinson's review of this speaker's little bro, the C30, here). The sound from this system was bold, layered, vivid, colorful, thrilling. You know what it wasn’t? It wasn't boring.

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What is this fragment of a thing meant to be? It’s not an article. It isn’t a show report. It provides no information other than basic product specs and a price. This is just an ad, right?

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Yes, it is just an advertisement. And limited production does not equal extreme quality. Just saying.

rschryer's picture's some more info:

The 680D streamer / DAC has 9 digital inputs, all of which decode DSD and MQA. It plays PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256. The 600i v2 amp uses a dual-mono power supply and operates in Class A for its first 5 watts.


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Call it a "show impression" and that's fine.

You mentioned you saw it at the show, your said it sounded good, and you were intrigued by it.

If it weren't a 100 kilo-dollar system, I would be intrigued by your post and check it out further, so you did your job just fine.

You should offer disgruntled readers their money back.