Eminent Technology Two tonearm Martin Colloms March 1990

Martin Colloms wrote about the Eminent Technology Two in March 1990 (Vol.13 No.3):

Much has been written in these pages on Eminent Technology's parallel-tracking, air-bearing tonearm ($950), so I will only be brief. I must report that I find the Series Two ET to be a most creditable product, overcoming my earlier mixed feelings about it which were based on my auditioning of the original model. It does need a highly stable support and in these series of tests, it worked well in combination with the Roksan Xerxes turntable (footnote 1).

I was never entirely comfortable with the complete Roksan player, though I do think highly of the turntable and have used it successfully with three other arms: the Rega RB300, the SME V, and the Eminent Technology Two. (For the latter arm, I had the use of a black Roksan of such exquisite finish that at first I thought it had been made from polished black acrylic.) The ET was very much at home on this mounting, and the Sigma 2000 really came into its own on this platform; the van den Hul MC Two also enjoyed the ride. The ET arm tamed the 2000's tendency to favor the top end and delivered an impressive result, while the virtues of high chassis stability delivered by the Roksan helped the ET arm to perform optimally.—Martin Colloms

Footnote 1: The main system used to audition the players consisted of Apogee Duetta Signature loudspeakers bi-amped with two Krell KSA-80B amplifiers and fed by a Krell KSP7B preamplifier. Cables were all custom-made with pure silver conductors and Teflon dielectric. Celestion SL700s, bi-amped with Goldmund Mimesis Three amplifiers, also made an appearance, using a custom Musical Fidelity MVX preamplifier.—Martin Colloms
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Those arms sounded gret on a VPI TNT from what I recall. So complicated to set up though. I was always scared to break somehting on it, or the catrridge (but never did). Thye also look seroiusly bad-ass!