Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 power amplifier JGH & Sam Again

J. Gordon Holt commented again on the Eagle 2A in December 1985 (Vol.8 No.7):

The only solid-state amplifier I've encountered that competes with the Conrad-Johnson Premier Five's middle range is the Electron Kinetics Eagle 2, which has better bass, but not as suavely musical a high end as the Five. (On the other hand, it's a bit less than one sixth the price.)

One of the best arrangements I came up with while working with the Fives involved using them to drive the upper-range electrostatic panels of the MartinLogan Monoliths, while biamping the low end with the Eagle 2 and a Cottage Industries electronic crossover. Full-range, the Fives did not do as good a job of controlling the Monoliths' low end.—J. Gordon Holt

Sam Tellig commented again on the Eagle 2A in December 1985 (Vol.8 No.7):

There are times when a reviewer is torn between different pieces of equipment. On some days, and with good source material, I think the Eagle 2 power amp is the best I have heard—to date. On other days, with other source material, I may prefer something like the B&K ST-140, the NYAL Moscode 600, or even the Quad 405-2.—Sam Tellig