Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 power amplifier J. Gordon Holt

J. Gordon Holt commented on the Eagle 2 in August 1985 (Vol.8 No.4):

In view of the fact that I have adopted the Eagle 2 as my current "reference" solid-state amplifier, I feel compelled to comment on several points in Steve's report.

High end: I found this as smooth, open, and airy as that of any amp I have heard, but without the slightly closed-in quality of the better tubed amps.

Middle range: Through even the most revealing and detailed of speakers, I have yet to hear the Eagle 2 sound "electronic." The "up front" quality that SWW observed—a little greater in degree than that of most solid-state amps and less than that of tubed amps—is something I feel to be an asset rather than a liability, because it enhances the illusion of depth and realism one hears from speakers that are not themselves forward-sounding. (Amplifiers that sound forward through the middle range without sounding tizzy or rough at the high end are rare indeed.)

Bass: My experience has been that the Eagle 2 controls the entire low end as well, and seems to go as deep, as any amp I have tried, regardless of price. The fact that this bass quality is attained by an amplifier that sounds neutral through the upper ranges is remarkable.

Detail: In this area, I was as impressed as SWW was unimpressed. Some of the most incredibly realistic sound I have ever heard reproduced has been from the MartinLogan Monoliths as driven by this amplifier. 1 have never heard that particular quality, through any speaker, with an amplifier having less than superb detail.

In short, it's my feeling that the competition for the Eagle 2 starts at $2000. At its present $995 price, it's a steal.—J. Gordon Holt