Avantgarde Zero TA

Avantgarde Acoustic is known for its hybrid horn loudspeakers, including the Uno/Uno Nano that has been my reference for several years (replaced recently by the Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II). However, the company has not offered an entry-level speaker like the Uno for some time, meaning that Avantgarde fans have had to choose between one of the company's bigger, more expensive hybrid horns and the Avantgarde Zero, a fully-powered digital loudspeaker. The new Avantgarde Zero TA remedies this omission: it's described as a semiactive horn system, with no crossover in the midrange signal path, and a DSP-controlled 10-band parametric subwoofer. At $15,600, the price seems very reasonable, and, in a brief listen, the sound was certainly promising.

Everest Audio's picture

The new Avantgarde sound very promising indeed. Definitely, a big contributing factor to the sound you heard is the stellar Bel Canto Black ACI600 integrated amplifier.