Joseph Audio Joins Forces with Flow by Allegro, Pre-Audio, Master Fidelity, Way

Jeff Joseph pops up in all the fashionable places, and when he does—whether it's at Capital Audiofest, AXPONA, or here at High End Munich—his sound is always stellar. Today’s lineup was consistent with the pattern

Jeff mated his Joseph Audio Pearl Graphene loudspeakers (€60,000/pair) with the Allegro FLOW 1 Mk2 Integrated Amplifier (€18,900), Pre-Audio turntable (€50,000), Pre-Audio HoverCraft air bearing tonearm (€25,000) Master Fidelity NADAC D (€21,250), Master Fidelity NADAC C (€25,000), WAY Cables (varies), and SolidSteel racks.

Playing a Joe Morello drum solo from some high-rez version of Dave Brubeck’s Time Out, drumsticks, drum strikes, and cymbal crashes filled a detailed sonic spread with physical power. Dean Martin’s “Confessin’ That I Love You” had appropriate sensuousness and croon, while show fave “Liberty,” by Anette Askvik, turned heads, ears, and bodies.

Some of these components and brands—Pre-Audio in particular—were unknown to me (and, I suspect, to most US audiophiles). Yet, in combination, they captured the essence of great music reproduction.

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60,000 euros for the racks, that's not right is it? Did you duplicate the speaker price by mistake?