Arcam Solo Music

I am an Anglophile…and a Brit-fi guy. I just am. Back in 1982 I really wanted a wood-cased A&R Cambridge A60 to drive my Rogers LS3/5a speakers. But I couldn't afford its modest price. Somewhere around then, this venerable UK company simplified their name to Arcam. They continue make excellent, elegant integrated amplifiers, and their venerable Solo Music ($2250) is an audiophile-quality "complete stereo system in a box" that features SACD/CD drive and 80Wpc (8 ohms) of amplification in a modest but high-styled, enclosure.

The whole Solo Music package is simple, good looking, and straightforward—no glaring LEDS, bells, or complex menus. Just HDMI (1.4b), coax, optical, phono (!), and line-level 3.5mm inputs. Audio can be streamed via Bluetooth and also UPnP network, wired or wirelessly. And an almost old-school touch: an FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner is available as an option.