ELAC Discovery Q Music Server

I was quite excited to see the original ELAC Discovery prototype exhibited last year at CES, and AudioStream's Michael Lavorgna favorably reviewed the production model late last year. The original Discovery includes Roon Essentials in the purchase price, which though having a cap of 30,000 tracks, gets you most of the way to a decent collection and streaming experience for a very reasonable $1,099.

So to top themselves in 2017, ELAC is introducing the Discovery Q. This time you get a 1-year full Roon subscription (meaning you can now go for that huge library of music), support for anything PCM up to 32/384, support for DSD 64 thru 256, built-in Tidal support, dual USB ports, and Internet Radio. Price has jumped to around $2,000 and the Q should be here the second half of the year, maybe sooner if we're lucky.