Thuono Audio (Video)

“Dear Ken,” wrote Thuono Audio’s Eleonora Bonollo, “you are welcome to come to our stand in Halle 2 n. G05, where I can show you our turntables and tonearms. Our TH400-model turntable will be playing with Grandinote on the second floor, whereas our TH350 model turntable will be playing at the Motorshow rooms just in front of the MOC.”

Fueled by caffeine and the relentless search for intoxicating hifi, I rounded a corner in Halle 2 and there they were: a trio of Thuono Audio turntables. These weren't just record players; this was record spinning as art, the combination steel/aluminum/marble 'tables matching up well to their carbo fiber/aluminum tonearms.

A family business based in Via dell’Agricoltura 47, 36016, Thiene (VI), Italy, Thuono Audio offers three tables and two tonearms: the TH400 turntable (€23,500), TH350 turntable (€16,800), TH300 turntable (€11,600), TH12 tonearm (€11,600), and TH10 tonearm (€5400).

In the accompanying video, Eleonora Bonollo discusses the company’s origins and the materials and techniques used in their turntables and tonearms.

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