Rogers EHF-200 MK2 Tube Amplifier

Sometimes it's love at first sight. I know appearances can be deceiving, but I couldn't stop looking at Rogers High Fidelity's 114Wpc EHF-200 MK 2 amplifier ($15,900). The beautiful KT150 tubes, the glossy red front panel, and the thick plexiglass tube cover were eye candy. This product's quality finish is directly related to designer Roger Gibboni's background building communications and radar equipment for NASA. As with all Rogers amps, the EHF-200 MK2 is American-made; it comes with a transferable lifetime warranty; it employs point-to-point hand-wiring using 18 gauge Teflon-coated silver-plated copper wire; it allows the user to monitor tube status via a Rogers High Fidelity iTunes app; it includes automatic autobias circuits to lengthen tube life; its output section runs in class-A; it has an aviation-grade chassis; all its internal components meet or exceed military specifications; and any faulty components are weeded out with a standard 100-hour burn-in. Wow!

klosterman's picture

Incredible looking amp. Is the app is ios only? Regardless, that is one sweet kit. Would heart to hear it.