Bryston BDP-2 Music Player Update and BDA-3 DAC

First, Bryston reminded show-goers that earlier this year they updated their BDP-2 Music Player (reviewed here by Michael Lavorgna at and Larry Greenhill here and the box on top in the photo above) with a new "Integrated Audio Device" or "IAD".

Bryston claims that the new IAD delivers improved specifications and replaces the current two-piece third-party sound card and SPDIF interface module. All new BDP-2 players are currently shipping with the new IAD installed, and legacy BDP-2 consumers have an option to retrofit to the new device for $500.

Below the BDP-2 is the new BDA-3 DAC that has just started shipping for $3,495. DSD appears for the first time on a Bryston DAC, and there are ten digital inputs on the back! PCM rates up to 32/384 and up to quad DSD, with each format processed natively before hitting the discrete analog output stage.