CAT Speakers & SAE Horsepower Amplifiers

Brian Barr was showing the SAE 2-horsepower amplifiers described earlier by Larry Greenhill with his $100,000 California Audio Technology speaker system, comprising CT MBXS6 two-way satellites and two MBX900 subwoofers. This system played more loudly, more cleanly than any I heard at CES.

Founded in 1988, CAT has specialized in the custom-install market, designing sound systems that can cost upwards of $1 million dollars for yachts and palaces. It manufactures all its own drive-units. The 105lb, Corian-cabinet satellite features 6.5" aluminum-cone units with a solid brass phase plug in place of a dustcap. The speaker is specified as being flat to 60Hz, but was crossed over at 120Hz to the 230lb sub with a combination of analog high-pass filter and DSP-implemented low-pass.

The complete system is said to be able to create 129dB spls—I believe it. With a Theta DAC, the CES system reproduced a recording of a German drummer at very high levels with no sense of strain or distortion. Color this old rocker impressed!

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Thanks for the write up. Theresa and I missed this room as the Dreaded CES Bug hit me on Friday.
This is one room I wish we would have had a chance to visit.
BTW Great coverage by all concerned.