Micromega M-One All-In-One Streamer/Amp

One of my favorite new digital products, from an industrial design point of view, is the new all-in-one system from French company Micromega, designed by Daniel Schar. Assuming you have a nice flat place to put it (flat or on a wall), you can request a custom finish or go with standard black or bright orange as shown in the photo.

The M-One is essentially a streaming device that has a 100/watt per channel stereo class A/B amplifier built in. It will handle pretty much any digital source including PCM up to 24/384, DXD, DSD, Airplay and Bluetooth aptX. On the back are SPDIF, optical, USB, Ethernet, AES/EBU connections as well as both balanced and unblananced analog inputs.

There are options galore including two versions of digital room correction with microphone. The more expensive version includes phase correction in addition to frequency response correction. You can also add a phono preamp as well as binaural option for headphone listening. Base price will be around $4,000 when it is released in March.