YG Acoustics’ 15th Anniversary Speaker

In its main room, YG was making great-sounding music with its Sonja 1.3 speakers ($106,800/pair), driven by a Boulder music server and amplification via Kubala-Sosna cables. I had loved the Sonja 1.3 when I reviewed it for our July 2013 issue, but the big news at CES was the Sonja XV, one channel of which was on passive display in a side room. A four-tower system, with the midrange and tweeter tower resembling a '1.3 on steroids and intended to celebrate the Colorado company’s forthcoming 15th anniversary, the 'XV will be priced at a whopping $265,900/system.

The components for a full system takes 240 hours of CNC machine time to make, starting with aircraft-grade aluminum stock, and features eight 10.25” BilletCore woofers, six 7.25” BilletCore mid-woofers, four BilletCore midrange units, and two Forge-Core tweeters. Owners of Sonja 1.3s will be able to have their speakers upgraded to XV status for the price difference between the two models.