MSB Select DAC

CES being quite hectic and hotel rooms being what they are, I try not to do too much listening on the 29th and 30th floors of the Venetian (there are exceptions and the upper suites are a different story, sound-wise). But Vincent Galbo in the MSB room on floor 29 politely insisted I listen to the new Select DAC on the YG speakers they had set up, driven by MSB amps. He played a CD and it was some of the best sound I've ever heard at a show!

The new $89,995 DAC is, in my opinion, the most beautifully designed MSB product to date, with a seamless, softly-rounded (but serious-looking) case that can sit on the optional and matching analog and digital power supplies, themselves available for $19,995 extra. There is also a femto clock upgrade for $9,995, and a variety of digital input options, so all told this is one expensive beast with or without the add-ins. Analog output options include balanced and unbalanced and headphones.

Galbo explained that the Select started out as a fully loaded Diamond DAC IV that was slowly improved until the final product was set. "Inside is new ladder DAC technology and topology employing a proprietary zero-parts analog volume control scheme with ultra low output impedance. It employs eight DAC modules per channel. It also features our new Femto 33 clock." He says this is the best sound they can make right now.

I've heard MSB products many times before in my own room, and though they are way out of my price bracket, I feel they give us a glimpse of what's possible so more power to them. Not holding my breath for the $1,995 version though.

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a pile of coke so big, that any DAC would sound great f$%#ing forever.

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Has the time come I wonder for specialist hi-fi sites like Stereophile & The Absolute Sound to suspend the right to comment?
You guys have as usual worked hard to provide entertaining coverage of the latest C.E.S. and, as usual, I find that when I'm dumb enough to look at the comments they are in most part whining or (like the above) just plain asinine.
And it's a shame that the journalists on occasion can allow themselves to get provoked into offering some kind of response, which is way more than these people deserve.
I for one wouldn't miss this option at all. Too many idiots out there, why give them the chance to demean your efforts?

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..for a DAC...uh ok. I can’t imagine spending that much for a DAC but to each his or her own I guess..