Aesthetix Saturn Romulus DAC/CD player Specifications

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Description: Tubed CD player with S/PDIF (coaxial and TosLink), AES/EBU and USB digital inputs. Tube complement: two 12AX7, two 6DJ8 or 6922. Audio data accepted: 16, 20, 24-bit word length with sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz. Maximum output level without optional volume control installed, RMS: 4.8V balanced, 2.4V single-ended. With volume control installed: the volume setting for standard 2V (SE)/4V (balanced) output is 80. Setting for the same output level as a non–volume-control unit is 82 (2.5V SE, 5V balanced). Output impedance: 300 ohms balanced. Recommended load impedance: >20k ohms balanced, >10k ohms single-ended. Frequency range: 20Hz–88kHz (192kHz sample rate). Power consumption: 25W in standby, 60W locked to an S/PDIF source, 70W with a CD playing. Trigger output: 1/8" jack operating on 5VDC.
Dimensions: 17 7/8" (454mm) W by 4 1/4" (108mm) H by 18 1/8" (460mm) D. Weight: 40 lbs (18.2kg).
Finishes: Black or silver faceplate.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 6298.
Price: $7000; switched-resistor volume control, $1000. Approximate number of dealers: 20.
Manufacturer: Aesthetix Audio Corporation, 5220 Gabbert Road, Suite A, Moorpark, CA 93021. Tel: (805) 529-9901. Fax: (805) 529-9902. Web: US distributor: Musical Surroundings, 5662 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609. Tel: (510) 547-5006. Fax: (510) 547-5009. Web:

Aesthetix Audio Corporation
5220 Gabbert Road, Suite A
Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 529-9901

wozwoz's picture

Can't play hi-rez SACDs. Can't play pure DSD files. That seems absurd for a player targeted at the audiophile market.

Pity - I like the design.

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Thanks for this review on another fine Aesthetix produce.

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Thank you, Jon Iverson for the positive review of Romulus! Since publication, Romulus and Pandora Signature Editions have been released which play DSD 1X and 2X natively, among other upgrades. Non Signature units are factory upgradable. More information is available on our website at