Two Follow-Up Reviews: Benchmark DAC3 B & Rotel DT-6000

Stereophile's March 2023 issue includes two follow-up reviews of high-performance digital playback products: the Benchmark DAC3 B D/A processor; and the Rotel Diamond Series DT-6000 DAC Transport (a CD player with digital inputs).

When he reviewed Benchmark's DAC 3 HGC D/A processor/headphone amplifier in the November 2017 issue of Stereophile, Jim Austin was impressed by what he heard, as was I by its measured performance. "This is as good as a DAC can currently get!" I wrote. So when I was given the opportunity to live with the stripped-down DAC3 B version, which costs $1799, significantly less than the HGC's $2299, I jumped at it. You can find my thoughts on its sound here.

In his Gramophone Dreams #69 column, Herb Reichert described the Rotel DT-6000 as a "well-built, great-sounding, reasonably priced CD player." He had so much fun using the Rotel—"rediscovering the Joy of CDs: one-box simple, stress-free, plug'n'play, and something physical to touch, scrutinize, and collect"—that he suggested I examine its measured performance. You can find my measurements here.

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It is still on my audition list. I appreciate the honest comparison to the MBL DAC.

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Thx for your reviews.

Did Rotel ever respond with a Manufacturer's Comment to your measurements of the DT-6000's USB Jitter measurements issue?