Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Music Player/DDP-1 Digital Decoding Preamp

Audio Alchemy was relaunched again in 2015 with a stellar lineup of designers including Keith Allsop, Peter Madnick and Dusty Vawter. And it appears no expense was spared showing their product line up at CES. Occupying one of the larger suites, with co-exhibitor TAD, at the top of the Venetian only served to emphasize how compact the products are.

Though there is a complete line of electronics including phono preamp and power amps, of interest to digital fans is the DDP-1 Digital Decoding Preamp (shown at top left in the top photo) which includes preamp functions, DAC and headphone amp. Digital up to 32/216k PCM and DSD64 are possible, with AES/EBU, SPDIF, optical, and I2S available. Users can select which digital filter they'd like to employ and retail price is $1,995.

If you want USB input, you'll want to pick up the company's new DMP-1 Digital Music Player which will soon be available for $1,595 and will be Roon Ready. I2S is an option and the DMP-1 will supposedly find any files on your network up to 24/192 PCM or DSD. I didn't see the back, so don't know what outputs it will have to feed your DAC.