Yamaha CD-X1 & CD-2 CD players Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: Programmable Compact Disc players. Specifications: all perfect (as usual).
Dimensions: 13.375" (CD-X1), 17.125" (CD-2) W by 3.625" H by 11.375" D.
Price: $599 (both, 1985); no longer available (2016).
Manufacturer: Yamaha Electronics Corp., 6660 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90260. Tel: (714) 522-9105. Fax: (714) 670-0108. Web: www.yamaha.com.

Yamaha Electronics Corp.
6660 Orangethorpe Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90260
(714) 522-9105

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In 1984 I had a great summer job that payed a heck of a lot of money, after setting aside what I needed for University (which wasn't that much in Canada), I had enough to either buy one of two things I coveted; a Rolex or the Yamaha CDX-1, after several auditions I decided that CD still didn't cut it for me and just couldn't compete with vinyl. I opted for the Rolex which I still own and will be passing on to my son, whereas the CDX-1 has been confined to the dustbin of history. I didn't buy my first CD player until 2000 when I finally purchased one of the last Karik/Numerik combos that Linn made. The point being, in hi-fi, a second sober thought before making a large purchase can go a long way and being an early adopter has its drawbacks.