Venture Audio’s Vici 2.1

Venture's Vici 2.1 speaker system ($36,000 total), which mates the AW500 subwoofer with the slim Vici towers, may have looked rather slight for the huge space it occupied, but it managed to fill it with surprisingly big sound.

It's a very lively sound that clearly pleases some people—one publication reportedly gave it Best of Show at the 2013 New York Show—but strikes me as overly crisp. The very effective sub, whose output was set at 25Hz–1kHz, intentionally overlapped the towers, which went from 70Hz—60kHz. Driving the speaker system were Venture's V200A+ MOSFET, class-A, 200Wpc monoblocks ($125,000/pair).

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It's systems like this, that elicit eye-rolling whenever high-end audio comes up as a topic. A subwoofer with lowpass set at 1kHz? Come on now, this isn't a Bose HTIB. I'll take a random guess; the sub isn't time-aligned or EQ'd either, right?


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I was surprised. Initially walking in the room (large room) I thought the system was not able to fill the room with sound. After sitting front and center I was surprised to see that the system sounded very good.

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Same price as a pair of Raidho C3.0 or Magico Q3? No kiddin'... 

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They are lucky that they got the sound quality they did in this huge room.

It was pretty good.

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The room had a bad echo, while we were setting it up. Very problematic. With a little

modifications, the Venture Speakers did what they do best, sound great and look drop dead gorgeous! They filled the large room with ease. They were made to work in both smaller and larger rooms according to Venture. After spending the weekend with them, it is true.