Grimm Audio's Anything-But-Frown-Inducing LS1s

"Is this the same company whose A/D converter Jared Sacks of Channel Classics raves about?" I asked. When Bill Parish of GTT Audio & Video answered yes, I understood why. Grimm's LS1s three-way speaker system ($39,900/pair), which manages to fit hi-res ADC/DACs, a CC1 clock circuit, six amplifiers, DSP processor, integrated bass modules, cables and more into the two speaker cabinets pictured in the photo, is a virtually complete system that calls only for a source. In this case, the LS1s joined forces with a PC running JRiver Media Center and Kubala-Sosna power cords to produce gorgeous layering and tonality on Sacks' unedited DSD master of a Brahms Hungarian Dance.

That's not all. The LS1s also sounded extremely musical, and threw a huge soundstage. It may have been just a bit too tight sounding to win my best of show, but with such gorgeous, warm, smooth, and extremely detailed sound, does that matter? Even though mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca is anything but a convincing Carmen—there's little danger in her voice—she sounded equally superb on Grimm's LS1.