BAT Does it Again

Is this the third consecutive show where the sound of Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) electronics has won me over? BAT doesn't need to either sugar-coat or tone down its tube sound, because its openness, clarity, and musical truth are so spot-on. IMHO, of course. The sound was so good that I didn't even bother to take notes on the music I heard.

After showing a pre-production model at CES 2014, BAT has just begun shipping its VK-P12SE/SP/Super PAK phono preamplifier ($12,495). Also making their US consumer-show debut, BAT's REX II linestage ($25,000) and REX II monoblock amplifiers ($40,000/pair) sounded right at home with an Avid Acutus Reference turntable ($25,000) with SME V tonearm and Lyra Etna cartridge ($6995), Focal Skala Utopia V2 loudspeakers ($33,999/pair), Marantz SA11S3 SACD/CD player ($3999), Shunyata cabling, and Solid Steel racks.

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I agree about the recent BAT stuff sounding good, maybe they have made some changes?
Don't recall being super impressed with them a few years ago.

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the key to BAT gear is to upgrade to the 6 pk or REX editions.

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Seems like they disappeared for a year or two, no?
This new stuff, that is if it is new, sounded quite nice.