Cyrus and Monitor Audio Impress

This compact system, in which Monitor Audio's Gold GX 200 loudspeakers ($4500/pair) and brand new Silver 10 loudspeakers ($2500/pair) mated with the Cyrus Lyric 09 all-in-one class-D system ($6499, due in June or July), sounded very fine through Nordost Red Dawn cabling. Especially when I moved up a bit from the back wall, I noted how controlled and musical the system sounded at the start of the Budapest Festival Orchestra's Channel Classics recording of Mahler Symphony 2, and how good the bass was.

The Cyrus Lyric 09, which outputs 170Wpc into 8 ohms, contains a 32-bit DAC, CD transport, internet radio, and more. It can also stream via a NAS drive. The amp reportedly senses the load of the speakers it feeds, and re-EQs itself to provide a flat frequency response at all levels. Among its other features: 13 sources, 3 USB inputs, 4 digital inputs, one analog input, and Bluetooth. The rep claimed that if all its components were instead spread over multiple boxes, the price would double from $6500 to $13,000. Sounds like a potential UK rival to all-in-ones from the French Devialet company.