Triode and Acoustic Zen

"We were supposed to get a big room," Santi Oropel of Triode Corporation told me of the too small space he shared with Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen. AXPONA's Steve Davis concurred, explaining later on that the room as drawn on the hotel's map was much larger than what the men had been forced to shoebox their system into.

Even if I couldn't get far enough back to either take a decent photo or appreciate the sonics at their best, I could admire the warm, eminently pleasing sound of Acoustic Zen's Crescendo Mk.II loudspeakers ($18,000/pair) mated with Triode Corporation's TRX-M845 monoblocks ($22,500/pair), new TRX-2 tube preamplifier with MC/MM ($5000), TRX-DAC 1.0 Tube ($2500), and TRV-CD5SE ($3200). I look forward to the next opportunity to enjoy this ongoing winning pairing of Acoustic Zen and Triode.

AvilleAudio's picture

This room was tucked into a corner in the lower level, so it was easy to miss.  I went in late Sunday afternoon, right before the show closed.  Boy, was I glad I did! The sound was goosebump-worthy and the owners couldn't have been nicer. Their music selection was great, too--not just the usual audiophile favorites. They said they had a good show, so I'm hoping they'll be back next year. 

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Very nice balanced sound.