Tipeecanoe and Tyler Too

No, we're not talking the theme song of the Log Cabin Campaign of the 1840 election for US president. Rather, I'm referring to Tyler Acoustics of Tyler, KY, whose new green, 95dB-sensitive Tyler Acoustics Insight Speaker System ($5500/pair) sounded very warm and inviting when partnered with Cardas cables and a Rogue integrated amplifier and phono stage. On a Patricia Barber LP played on an old, refurbished VPI turntable, colors may have been a bit homogenized, but the overall presentation was as welcoming and non-fatiguing as can be.

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This was the last room I visited yesterday before leaving. I kinda felt sorry for the guy. He was all the way at the end of the hallway in the smallest room in a corner. But his system sounded good. And listening to him talk, his company apparently does well. It is just not a big name in stores and magazines.

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Small room with lots of stuff in there but the sound was really good especially for the money!