Portable and Wireless from Elac

Andrew Jones's first active speaker, the tri-amped Argo Series B51 ($2000/pair), offers 250W of class-AB power in the form of a 150W AB amplifier for the woofer, 70W AB amp for the midrange, and 30W class-A amp for the tweeter. The B51s can be used either wired or wirelessly, but need an external DAC, DAC-equipped server, or other device to produce sound from digital.

To quote Andrew, whose speakers use an analog crossover, "Digital crossovers are very versatile, but should you be correcting deficiencies in the drivers, or instead make better drivers? I chose to get the drivers right." Given the EQ adjustments that I saw on the speaker's rear, I assume this means that EQ is offered to adjust in-room response.

I took a brief listen to Lyle Lovett singing "North Dakota" through these loudspeakers, which were connected to Elac Alchemy electronics. Highs were not as refined as on the big system, but the midrange was super.