Pianist Hyperion Knight to Perform in Rhode Island, Sunday February 25

Sunday, February 25 at 2pm, audiophile-fave-rave pianist Hyperion Knight will perform a program of Bach, Beethoven, and Gershwin at the First Baptist Church in America (75 North Main Street Providence, RI 02903). The church is a short (seven minutes) walk from the Providence Amtrak (train) station. The starting time of the recital was chosen to make it possible for music lovers from New York City to Boston to arrive and depart with the least fuss possible. The recital will be open to the public, and free of charge.

Presented by erstwhile Stereophile columnist John Marks, who returns to his former avocation of concert impresario, the program consists of music of J.S. Bach (selected Inventions; and transcriptions of choral and organ music including the "Little" Fugue in g); Beethoven's piano sonata No.21 in C, "Waldstein"; and Gershwin's Suite from Porgy and Bess. (The latter was featured on Stereophile's 1997 Rhapsody Project Hyperion Knight CD.)

The recital will last approximately one hour, and will proceed without an intermission.

Audio by Jerry Bruck, Posthorn Recordings NYC; video and editing by John Marks

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The Rhode Island School of Design calendar at https://events.risd.edu has an announcement, and word is getting around at the music department and the Orwig Music Library at Brown University.

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has got to be a stage name (kinda cool one at that)... though I did go to high school with a guy actually named Justin Case so ya never know.