Metronome CD/SACD Player, Goldmund Integrated Amplifier, Vimberg Loudspeakers, Crystal Cable Cabling, Entreq and Critical Mass Accessories

Imagine an audiophile system assembled by the UN and you might end up with something that looks a lot like what I discovered in the Wynn Audio room. Among the countries being represented there were: France, with the Metronome AQWO CD/SACD player ($CAD22,000), with tubed output stage and USB input; Switzerland, with the 215Wpc Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen integrated amp ($CAD33,800); Germany, with the Vimberg Mino speakers ($CAD41,900/pair), built in the same factory as its sister company Tidal Audio (not to be confused with the streaming service); Sweden, with the Entreq Olympus Infinity ground boxes ($CAD5800 each); the Netherlands, with Crystal Cable cabling and rack; and the US, with Critical Mass Systems footers. Multiculturalism can work! On the recordings I heard with piano and strings, the system excelled at reproducing natural timbres, subtle dynamic shifts, and colorful tone.

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It was hard to pull the speakers out of the poor room acoustics but these managed to do it.