Bob Deutsch’s Day 2 Photo Post

Saturday was a busy day at the Toronto Audiofest.

An image from the AudioTeens room, presented by Speakers are KANTO's YU2.

hORNS by Autotech Symphony, with electronics from a variety of European brands: Rockna, Inakustik, NAT, Lector.

Totem’s Vince Bruzzese, with the Totem Fire V2, $7000/pair CAD.

AER Excenter loudspeakers, 116dB (!)/W/m. Not sure about the price in U.S. or Canada, but the website lists them at 60,000 euro/pair. You can buy just the drivers for 3900 euro each.

Richard Kohlruss of Cabasse; the company is now making a smaller, lighter version of its Wireless Pearl loudspeaker, the Pearl Akoya ($2500 CAD each). The original pairs cost $4250 each.

The Gershman Grand Studio II—a double-stack of the Gershman Grand Studio: $11,900/pair. Shown with the Krell K-300i integrated, which is reviewed in our December issue. The source was VPI’s 40th Anniversary direct drive ‘table ($15,000 US). Cabling by Nordost.

Muraudio’s SP1 loudspeakers ($16,400 CAD/pair) with analog and electronics by Triangle Art: The Anubis ($14,995 CAD), Maestro ($7500 CAD), and Hathor ($3995) turntables. At least one of those tonearms is the Osiris Mk2 ($6990 CAD). Electronics, too, are by Triangle Arts.

MBL’s systems always sound good at shows. In Toronto they were showing their second-smallest speaker, the three-way standmount 120 Radialstrahler ($30,150/pair) with their C31 digital player and C51 integrated amplifier ($12,000 and 14,600/pair CAD, respectively. )

There was lots of live music in the big room from Quebec's EON Art. This room also included a seriously high-end system from this new company.

Stereophile Editor Jim Austin announces an award given to a certain Stereophile writer; details to follow.

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How about a 'Life time achievement award' in hi-end audio journalism, to Mr.John Atkinson? :-) ..........

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Bogolu Haranath wrote:
How about a 'Life time achievement award' in hi-end audio journalism, to Mr.John Atkinson? :-)

I was honored with such an award at the 2019 Montreal Show.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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In that case, I would recommend to the Queen to award JA1 with 'Knighthood' :-) ........

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Jim Austin looks like a politician making a pitch :-) ........

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Jim Austin looks like Barry Bostwick welcoming people to the Rocky Horror Fanvention!

Did you know Steve Guttenberg played Riff Raff in the original London and Broadway versions?

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I didn't know about Steve Guttenberg playing that role ....... There is a Steve Guttenberg , who is an actor ........ See Wikipedia :-) .........

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Jim Austin kinda looks like, Bill de Blasio, Bill Clinton and Kevin McCarthy :-) .........

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Those Cabasse speakers look like, they belong to the new category, Stylish-Fi :-) ........

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It was lovely to hear the impromptu performance of jazz artist Karin Plato & classical cellist Vincent Belanger (pictured)in this room.