Aurender Streamer, Rogue Integrated Amplifier, MartinLogan Speakers, Kimber Cables

Featured in the MartinLogan room were the company's standmount Motion 35XTi speakers ($CAD1600/pair). The XT denotes the model's folded-diaphragm air-motion tweeter while the i stands for improved, the latter mainly as it relates to upgrades made to the speaker's woofer and crossover. The speakers were used in conjunction with MartinLogan's Dynamo 800x powered subwoofer ($CAD1000), which Larry Greenhill reviewed glowingly in the February 2019 issue of Stereophile. Completing the system were an Ultralinear/triode switchable (100Wpc and 60Wpc, respectively) Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum lll integrated amp with MM/MC phono stage ($CAD4200); an Aurender A30 streamer/ripper/DAC ($USD18,000); a Torus Power RM20 ($CAD4000) AC power conditioner; and cabling from Kimber Kable's new Carbon Series.

The system's presentation struck me as warm, nuanced, and spacious, if a little diffuse, generally speaking, in terms of solidity and imaging. Still, the MartinLogan room was a musically rewarding place to chill out in.

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And, this systems presentation struck me as open, engaging, nuanced, spacious -enjoyable.

In fact, it was FAR superior sounding to the $500K? Wilson Audio (loudspeaker) room -by a long shot. Let's see what you had to say about that atrocious sounding (Sunday, October 20/19).