Harbeth Speakers, PrimaLuna Integrated Amplifier, Aesthetix Phono Preamp, Kuzma Turntable and Tonearm, Ortofon Cartridge, Furutech Cables

Looking for a simple, sweet-sounding system that's sure to elicit pride of ownership? If so, I'd like to suggest the one I encountered in the room hosted by retailer Vinyl Sound. It starts with a Ken Micallef fave, the Kuzma Stabi S turntable with Stogi arm ($CAD6400 for both), and an Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge ($CAD2000).

Add to this an Aesthetix Rhea phono stage ($CAD6500), a pair of Harbeth 30.1 speakers ($CAD4800–$CAD5200), and a PrimaLuna Evo 400 integrated amp ($CAD6750) capable of 70Wpc in Ultralinear mode or 38Wpc in triode mode. Then throw in an assortment of Furutech cables and power conditioners, and you've got a musically potent system that may well never go out of style or lose its audiophile credentials.

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... being demonstrated with equipment other than a solid-state QUAD power amp and an Onkyo CD changer.

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It better not, $15,000 for that front end. That is some serious commitment.

Then another $15,000+ for the speakers & amps & wire.

I wonder the cost of those critical Cable trusses?

Well, how large is the Record collection of the Audiophile that buys this system ? This Stereophile isn't a newbee, I'm guessing, so he must have at least a couple hundred Vinyls. ( to be honest )

On the Other Hand,

Might you suggest a unlimited supply of Audiophile/Stereophile Sound Quality from one of the Streaming services? in lieu of a $15,000 front end that just suffered a broken cantilever ( or some such malady, as turntables are wont to do )

Tony in Venice

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No bass in those speakers.

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Alan Shaw can do no wrong in my eyes.