Lumin Streamer, Mutec Master Clock, PS Audio DAC, Pass Labs Amp, GoldenEar Speakers, Gutwire and Siltech cables

Another system that did a great job at communicating music's gestalt was the one taking pride of place in the Toronto Home of Audiophile Ltd room. The system included a Lumin U1 streamer ($CAD8000), a Mutec Ref 10 Audiophile 10 MHz master clock with MC3+ smart clock/re-clocker/USB interface ($CAD7150 for both), a PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC ($CAD9500), a Pass Labs XP22 preamp ($CAD14,000), a class-A, 30Wpc Pass Labs XA30.8 stereo amp ($CAD9800), and a pair of GoldenEar Triton One.R speakers ($CAD8000). Completing the system were a DirectStream Power Plant 20 power conditioner ($CAD14,700) and various cables from Gutwire and Siltech.

On a track by Louis Armstrong and another with piano and double bass solos, the system produced deep, resonant tones, warm, natural sound, and prolonged harmonic trails.

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Egads, are you carrying around an Oxford English Dictionary at that Show?

Of course, it's the PS Audio Power Plant that gives all that great gear a full serving of healthy Vim & Vigor.

Should give credit where credit is due.


You may not have personal experience with that P20. Maybe a nice Canadian Poetical Review is just around the corner. Of course, reviewing PS gear is kinda Big Boy territory.

I can't use gestalt, i think.

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