Matterhorn Audio Group & Luxury Audio Distribution present FinkTeam, Creek and more

Another speaker surprise from Matterhorn Audio Group of Boston. The midrange exceled through FinkTeam Borg floorstanding loudspeakers (starting at $36,490/pair), shown next to the Kim standmount (starting at $12,990/pair). The sound of Dominique Fils-Aimé singing "Birds" was as fetching as Chris Botti's "What a Wonderful World" was lovely.

The German Borg is specified as extending down to 32Hz, with a roll-off of –6dB by 41Hz. High frequencies extend above 30kHz, again with roll-off. Average impedance is 10 ohms, dropping to 6.5 ohms at 20kHz, and sensitivity is 87dB. Completed with damping, mid, presence, and high controls, the speaker contains a Mundorf AMT tweeter and 10.25" bass driver with 3" voice-coil.

Doing the rest of the honors: Creek Voyage CD ($3495) and Voyage i20 Amp ($6195), Linn Klimax DSM Organik streamer ($39,000), Aavik Acoustics i-580 integrated amp ($25,200), HiDiamond and Ansuz cabling and accessories, Lucidum rack, and PSI Audio AVAA C20 absorber.