The Marketplace's Plastic Bag Conundrum

A lucky 13 exhibitors held forth in the Audiophile Marketplace in the Westin O'Hare's LaSalle Ballroom, with another eight, including Stereophile, positioned in the foyer. Even on Friday, the areas were packed. Unfortunately, LP purveyors such as Analogue Productions, Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, and Elusive Disc dispensed their goodies in the world's crinkliest plastic bags. Given how popular vinyl was at AXPONA, you can imagine the racket each time a new person walked into an exhibit room.

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..that I'm not the only old, bald, white guy that exists in this hobby.

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yes that is funny. Sort of like a sex aid shop using the world's most transparent bags... ;)

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That's why discriminating audio enthusiasts are purchasing ShowBuffers bag-dampers, in sorbothane, carbon fiber,  black acrylic, bluetack, and other standard audiophile materials.  

But right now, at Axpona, everyone wants the Cobalt Plasma SE ShowBuffers, an ingenious dc-powered counter-crinkle-noise synthesizer unit;  fire up that CPSESB in your bag and it carefully, actively nullifies any bag rustle, in real time, on the fly, for as long as you're at the show.  

Backpack-frame external Psu supplies available at the desk.  Piercing bright blue led pilot indicator included.  

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I actually encountered these on active display. Unfortunately, the LED was so piercing that my photo didn't come out, and I was unable to take any notes. Next time...