Magico, Octave, and Nordost

The US consumer-show debut of the Magico S3 loudspeaker ($22,600/pair), provided by Hanson Audio Video of Dayton, OH and one other exhibitor on the 12th floor, was a major success. Heard through Octave monoblocks, preamps, and phono preamp and Nordost Odin cabling, the sound of Alison Kraus on vinyl was extremely warm. "Just wonderful, exceptionally neutral sound," I wrote in my notes.

The relaxing, downright gorgeous silky strings on an orchestral version of Debussy's Clair de Lune reinforced positive feelings. True, the strings got brittle at higher volumes, but that, I had already learned, was true in many of the echo-prone, high ceilinged rooms on the Westin O'Hare's 12th floor. I regret that I can't supply more information on the components. When I asked for an equipment list, I was told, "It's all on the website." As far as I could tell, there was no mention of AXPONA, let alone a price sheet, on the Hanson AV website. A call for information was not returned by press time.