The Live Acoustic Reference

Thanks to musician and AXPONA founder Steve Davis, pianist John M. Yurick could be heard throughout the day in various locations on the lobby level of the Westin O'Hare. It's a shame that his piano's lid was closed in order to render his piano less obtrusive amidst the talking, because Yurick is an excellent musician who deserves more than "background music" attention. He also moves faster than my camera's flash-less "Night Setting" could accommodate.

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I agree, I sat for a while looking over my notes and was appreciative of the performance! Very nice technician on the keys.

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Thanks for listening! Part of the fun and interest of being a part of AXPONA has been getting to know the exhibitors. I did an impromptu piano bar/ sing-a-long session with a bunch after the Thursday evening reception and a few more cocktails. Steve Davis can really sing!

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I really appreciate your coverage of my appearances as solo pianist for every AXPONA since its' inception. John Atkinson and Jason Serinus have been generous with their photos and kind words documenting my contribution to the show. I even had the great fun of playing some music with John. This show has grown and prospered with your help and insight. BTW Jason: the piano lid was closed for this set so I wouldn't interfere with the "illusion" of the Silent Disco up the hall. I was happy to oblige. Most of the time I could play with the piano lid up at this venue, but your point is valid. Thanks again