Jolida, Von Schweikert, and United Home Audio

What a difference the recording makes. When I first entered the room sponsored by Von Schweikert Audio, Jolida Inc. and United Home Audio, I was surprised to hear really bright sound from what I expected was a master tape played on a UHA Phase 11 open-reel deck ($22,000). But when we switched to another recording, Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden performing “Missouri Sky,” I truly enjoyed the beautiful midrange, edge-free highs, and big presentation of the system. “Very, very nice” was my ultimate assessment.

Doing the honors were Von Schweikert Audio VR-44 loudspeakers ($25,000/pair); Jolida’s soon-to-be-released Luxor dual mono preamp ($2899), Luxor monoblock amplifiers with separate power supplies ($8000/pair), and Fusion DAC and transport ($2299); and Master Built’s Signature interconnects ($3500/pair), bi-wire speaker cable ($6000/pair) and power cords ($3500/each).

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I see many posts by Mr. Serinus on RMAF 2012 that have sparked some heated commentary.

Let it suffice to say that some have turned... harsh (look around).

On this room they are just wrong. I attended an after hours event in this room (till 1:30am), I even heard several favorable comments about this event the next day. They played a master tape copy of Tommy by The Who start to finish. It was just awesome, never heard rock music like that before! I had a fairly OK seat, not the best 50 yard line seat but still there was soundstage, there was depth, there were dynamics, like rock should have. No bright sound no lack of bass just the rawness of rock done right.

Actually when Tommy was over no one wanted to leave, so they played Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles from a master tape copy. I can simply say that I have never heard The Beatles like that, it was like the boys were there singing in the room. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

I went back several times to this room and I know they played allot of rock, maybe because  t-h-e-y  c-o-u-l-d. Comparing Zeppelin to the demure and laid back Missouri Sky is not an objective analysis in MHO.