Estelon: Candy for the Eye and Ear

No, I’m not talking about one of the young women who always seem to drive Stephen Mejias to distraction at shows. Rather, I’m speaking of Estelon’s Model XB loudspeakers ($32,900/pair). Designed for more modestly sized rooms, this Estonian speaker was producing realistic, full-range sound courtesy of Vitus Audio’s SM 010 monoblock amplifiers, SL 102 preamplifier, and SCD010 CD player. Power Conditioner was Silver Circle Audio’s Tchaik 6, cabling Kubala-Sosna’s Elation, and rack and feet from Stillpoints.

If I had known the name of the power conditioner, I would have played something symphonic. But growing weary on the third day of the show, I chose an analog recording of soprano Eileen Farrell in her prime. The great Farrell could have easily blasted through the walls of the hotel room had she been present in person, but even in compressed form, she was formidable. Everything sounded gorgeous, including the realistically rich presentation of well-recorded basses and cellos in the accompanying orchestra.