High Water’s Customary High Marks

Paddling all the way from NYC, Jeffrey Catalano's High Water Sound, aka “2 channel with attitude,” featured the premieres of Hornning Hybrid Systems Eurfrodite Mark IV Ellipse loudspeakers ($30,000/pair) and Tron-Electric’s flagship Syren II GT preamplifier ($55,000) and Seven phono/mono ($15,000). The speakers have eight 8” bass drivers in push-pull configuration, a back-loaded horn, and a PM 65 Lowther midrange, all of which help account for their 98–99dB sensitivity. Jeffrey called the Tron preamp “a work of art,” with an outboard power supply, “all-silver everything,” and proprietary caps and transformers.

The sound through a TW-Acustic table with Ortofon cartridges, Electra-Fidelity 300B SE monoblocks ($10,000/pair), and other products from Silver Circle Audio, Silent Running Audio, Symposium Acoustics, Zen Sati, and Tel Wire was distinguished by a beautiful midrange and a very high and wide presentation. The system did an especially beautiful job with the sound of a piccolo, which realistically projected up and out from the orchestral canvass. Highs were a bit muffled, no doubt due to the room.

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Again, Jeff at High Water Audio takes the time, effort, and experience to put together a stunning room full of magical gear that plays nice, really nice. This was probably my favorite room of the show again, which is saying a lot. Gear can be just gear but, putting the right components together and dialing them in to the room is both engineering and an art and this is what more dealers should be doing this well. If there was anything more one would desire upon leaving Jeff's room, it could only be his diverse and eclectic record collection. Happy Listening!

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Great sound and a relaxed atmosphere, what's not to like.

I have heard the High Water Sound room at many shows now and they are always great.