Gryphon Tantalizes and Teases with the Apex amplifier and Commander preamplifier

Some would call it a tease; others would call it sheer torture. That's how I, who fell in love with the sound of Stereophile's 2021 Amplification Component of the Year, Gryphon's Essence monoblock power amplifier, felt seeing a static display in place of hearing the new, humongous Gryphon Apex power amplifier ($99,000/chassis).

"It's the most impressive amplifier made," said Gryphon's Rune Skov about a silent, 450lb component that outputs 210Wpc in pure class-A into 8 ohms, doubles its power down to a startling 0.5 ohm, and boasts 1F (farad) power supply capacity. Then he tortured me even more by telling me that Michael Fremer was set to review a single Apex along with the new Commander two-chassis preamplifier ($63,000), Mikey's review of the two-chassis preamplifier review—which John Atkinson told me after he measured it weighs a back-breaking 151lb—is slated for the July issue of Stereophile. The Apex review is scheduled for a later issue.

The Gryphon's Tale!

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I walked to their room located on Millionaires' Mile assuming I would finally hear a complete Gryphon system, only to see proud hardware basking in the attention of attendees.

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I'll have the Gryphon amp and preamp set up at the end of the week. If you are in NJ and can demonstrate that you can afford this stuff, feel free to visit. I'd need to see a bank statement, of course. Not that there any $ in it for me......