False Alarm Redux

For the second year in a row, a fire alarm sounded in the middle of AXPONA's busiest afternoon. Although it seems that the warning didn't reach all floors, it sent some who did hear it scurrying. In my case, that meant grabbing my heavy jacket, computer, computer glasses, camera and monopod, and complete collection of show literature and notes and trudging down seven flights.

Thankfully, the alarm proved false. When the coast was clear, and I approached the back-in-service elevators to return upstairs, I spied a large group of people equally eager to get back to the floors they had left in haste. I promised the smiling men who moved too fast for someone lugging so much baggage to capture clearly that they would appear on Stereophile's website. And there you have it.

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

Is it just me or do all audio shows experience fire alarms?
There was one last year and there have been alarms at RMAF, no?