dCS Vivaldi One Apex

The briefest of visits to the dCS room in Munich revealed the Vivaldi One Apex ($95,000). Originally released as the Vivaldi One in 2017 to commemorate the company's 30th Anniversary, the MQA-friendly, single chassis, all-in-one network music player, CD/SACD transport and Master Clock, upsampler and DAC has resurfaced in new Apex form. Only 50 new Vivaldi One Apex units are available. The 250 owners of the original 30th Anniversary model can upgrade to full Apex status ($9000).

The reason I didn't spend much time in the room is that a Rossini Apex DAC is on the way to Port Townsend for review. Before long, I hope to have a handle on the sonic ramifications of the much-heralded Apex upgrade to dCS's Vivaldi and Rossini DACs and players.

From one box to three. On May 24, dCS introduced the new three-piece Lina headphone system. Lina includes a dedicated Network DAC ($12,750), headphone amplifier ($9100), and Grade 1 master clock with dual crystal oscillators ($7300). Due to ship at the end of June, with several videos and explanatory articles expected before then, Lina developed organically after head-fi lovers welcomed the optional class-A headphone amplifier that can added to the one-piece dCS Bartók streaming DAC with built-in upsampler and preamplifier.

Axiom05's picture

I can't stop laughing over the price of the dCS Vivaldi Apex. If they can sell components costing this much then it's no wonder they got out of the pro market and moved into the high-end market. Who else would pay this kind of price?

tkozakis's picture

People with more money than sense - that's for certain.

Glotz's picture

Money or sense.

Do you say the same things about Ferrari or any other luxury goods? No, you sure don't.

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Come on Glotz, have you ever looked at a new Ferrari or driven one? While a new Ferrari is about 2.5 times the price of this Dcs Vivaldi Apex, the Ferrari makes the DcS look like not only a little babies toy, but pathetic in the extreme compared to not only the complexity, but also the overall quality of the Ferrari.
These comparisons to exotic cars and inanely priced audio gear is more than weak.IMHO.

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I had a hole in my soul until I got my Ferrari. I felt complete. Now seeing this I could feel even more completer.
Come on guys if somebody has the cash to burn why begrudge them the pleasure of owning this thing? Sour grapes maybe? After all, there will be no communists allowed in the dining rooms.
Now, if they don't have the cash and starve their kids to support their audio addiction then that might be a case for child services.

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A Ferrari performs commensurate with it's price.High end audio does not.
As mentioned above,more money than sense. If I was Jeff Bezos I might consider a Ferrari. I would not consider this kind of absurd audio gear.

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If you have the budget and the system the Vivaldi does perform commensurate with its expense.

People who can afford one generally didn't get to that place by paying for imaginary improvements.

For most, a Ferrari would only be able to be experienced as anything better than a Corvette perhaps a handful of days per year.

A dCS shows its worth daily.

If you prefer so would any good DAC, including the commensurately priced DACs by MSB and others.

If you didn't think it was worth it, you wouldn't buy it.

If you're the type to get external validation, a Ferrari might impress the neighbors; a Vivaldi One, not so much.