Counterpoint Natural Progression NPS-400 power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 1: Associated Equipment

Loudspeakers used to audition the Counterpoint were Mirage M-7sis, Dunlavy SC-IVs, and Energy Veritas v2.8s. Amplifiers on hand for comparisons were the Krell KSA-300S and McCormack DNA-0.5. Program source was a Krell KPS-20i CD player used as a transport, feeding a Mark Levinson No.35 D/A converter through a Kimber AGDL digital coaxial cable.

Unbalanced TARA Labs Master RSC connected the Levinson converter to a Rowland Consummate preamp. Preamp-to-power-amp interconnects were alternately Monster M1500s and Cardas Hexlink Five Series, and loudspeaker cables were either Monster M1.5s or Straight Wire Virtuoso Platinums. The Mirages and the Dunlavys were bi-wired; the Energys were either bi-wired with the Straight Wire cables, or tri-wired with the Monsters.—Thomas J. Norton

Counterpoint Electronic Systems
Company no longer in existence (2021)

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More hybrid AB amps need to come out!

Or impress us with more tube hybrid Class D... Rogue and AVA come to mind along with AR.

And thank you for the PS Audio '1200 review.