Carver Towers

According to Bob Farinelli of Bob Carver LLC, the legendary designer has “made some adjustments” to the sound of his 35-driver Bob Carver ALS line-source speakers with active tube based crossover network ($19,700/pair). I’ll say. The sound has improved greatly since I blogged Carver’s speaker and electronics at AXPONA in early June. The system’s subwoofer may have overloaded the small room—this is not the first or the last time you’ll read about bass overload in these blogs—but the line array’s ability to reproduce the timbre of an unnamed jazz trumpeter’s instrument was spot-on.

Combined with an AMR Red Book reference CD player ($11,000), Purity Audio Design Silver Statement preamp ($20,000), Bob Carver VTA305M 205W monoblocks ($12,900/pair), a Sunfire Subrosa dual 10" subwoofer with Sunfire external 2000W power amplifier ($4500 total), and Analysis Plus cables ($7500), Bob Carver’s system was mighty impressive. I look forward to hearing it in a bigger room.

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Maybe they had turned the sub down when I was in this room, I heard no issues at all with overload.

But I heard a classical piece, may have not had much bass in it???