Bryston 14B-SST power amplifier The 14B-SST against the 7B-SST

Sidebar 2: The 14B-SST against the 7B-SST

The 14B-SST differs from the 7B-ST and 7B-SST in several ways. The 14B-SST is a single-chassis product that is 6.6" deeper, 1.75" taller, and 41 lbs heavier than a single 7B-ST. Only the 14B-SST is available in both 240V/10A and 120V/15- and 20A versions.

Like the 14B-SST's, the power supply of Bryston's new 7B-SST will feature 100,000µF of capacitance, and will use the 14B-SST's more rugged bipolar output power transistor, supplied in a larger package with higher power handling. Also included will be the 14B-SST's new power-supply design, much higher filter capacitance, new output devices for higher power and lower distortion, and the elimination of the Series/Parallel switch. The 7B-SST will be sold in two models, the Series and the Parallel, each of which can be changed into the other by Bryston's service department.—Larry Greenhill

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