Bozak Concert Grand B-410 loudspeaker Natural Sound

Sidebar 3: Natural Sound

I love reading Bozak's old brochures, particularly their descriptions of sound. We think we're clever with words, but those guys from yesteryear were really good. Listen to the following, written by Rudy Bozak in 1963: "...just as Bozak speakers accurately reproduce each note and re-create the actual quality of every instrument in the orchestra, lucidly projecting all the activity of any score with astonishing realism. The intricate brilliance of such masters of orchestration as Berlioz and Ravel is often heard for the first time through Bozak loudspeakers. In their works, where the exact articulation of every inner voice is essential, each musical comment is clearly defined without fuzziness, distortion or undesirable blending of discrete notes into one overall pattern of sound."

I read those words and I know that Rudy Bozak was a genius. He could articulate his thoughts into words and ideas and then into manufacturing processes and designs that did what he said they would do—make music sound more natural. An elder hi-fi salesman who used to display Bozak Concert Grands next to JBL Paragons (the squat, broad, all-in-one stereo cabinet design) and Klipschorns told me that the CGs were the poorest seller. He said that during a typical demonstration the Bozaks sounded dull compared to the brighter, more exciting compression-driver/horn designs. Sound familiar?—Peter Breuninger